North Mankato, Minnesota

Joslyn Moldstad

Joslyn Moldstad, is the director and teacher of Jesus’ Lambs at Peace Preschool.  Joslyn graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education, from Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minnesota.   Her previous experience with children was teaching 3rd and 4th grade in Wrightstown, Wisconsin.  As she and her husband raised their 7 children, Joslyn became a licensed day care provider, in their home.  The day care children were a part of their family and it was then that she really began to enjoy and appreciate the preschool age.

Ten years ago, Peace Lutheran Church called Joslyn to begin their preschool, Jesus’ Lambs at Peace.  Every day centers on the word of God with Bible Stories, prayers, songs and a weekly chapel conducted by Pastor Tim Hartwig and Pastor Matt Moldstad.  Bible stories are taught from a flannel graph and point children to Jesus, who God sent into our world to die on a cross for the sins of all people.  With every lesson children realize they have no worries.  Jesus has forgiven their sin personally; He is by their side through life and promises to take them and all believers to heaven.

Our main objective in our preschool is to give children a Christ-centered education and prepare them for Kindergarten.  We use lively letter games, activities, songs, poetry and books to pique children’s interest of each letter.  We learn about animals, countries on the globe, weather, science, and themes.  Children learn to recognize and count numbers and sound out letters. Children learn to use markers, pencils, chalk, paints, glue and crafts.  They learn to write their name, letters and numbers. Besides all of the toys, we have a special area set up in our classroom to pretend.  We have a special area where the students enjoy pretending to be farmers, working at the Country Market, a Laundromat, pizza restaurant, hospital and more!

We want to keep our preschooler’s excitement high for school and for learning.  We encourage their gentleness by teaching them to say they are sorry when they do wrong and to accept forgiveness from their friends, their teachers and from God.

Singing and learning new songs surround each day.  Mrs. Amanda Madson volunteers her time to play for us as we learn songs for our Christmas play and our spring play.  We enjoy field trips and theme parties.  Different community helpers come into our classroom to explain what they do.  However, for all that goes on at Jesus’ Lambs at Peace Preschool, the main thing for which we strive, is to show children God’s love.  They are in our classroom for such a short time.  Even though they may not remember everything, they will remember Jesus by the gentle and kind way they are treated.

The preschool age is a wonderful time to learn.  Let the spark begin and continue for your child at Jesus’ Lambs at Peace Preschool.