North Mankato, Minnesota

Timothy Hartwig

Reverend Tim Hartwig was born and raised in Queensland, Australia.  He grew up on a small farm outside of the town of Gympie.  His parents raised him with good Christian example, to which he attributes much of his desire to serve Christ’s church.  After graduating from the University of Queensland as a Bachelor of Engineering(Mining) in 1993, he worked in underground gold mines in Western Australia.  Though he enjoyed the hard physical labor and the financial rewards, an important part of him was left unfulfilled.  In August 1997, he entered Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary, from which he graduated in 2001. The summer of 2000 saw big changes to his life.  On June 3rd, he married Katie nee Quist.  Four weeks later they moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona where he started serving Our Saviour Lutheran Church and School and Family of God Lutheran Church, Bullhead City, Arizona, as a Vicar. What began as a 12 month Arizona adventure turned into 11 years of service.  On June 24th, 2001 he was ordained and installed as the Pastor of Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Lake Havasu City.

In June 2011, Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church of North Mankato called him to be their Pastor.  The Holy Spirit led him to accept the call and he was installed on August 14.

Pastor Hartwig and Katie have been blessed with 7 children.  He loves seeing them grow in the grace and knowledge of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We asked him, “What do you like most about being a Pastor?”.  Here is his response: “I love telling people about Jesus.  It doesn’t matter if they have never heard it before or if they have been a Christian all their life.  When people believe that, in Jesus their sins are forgiven,  peace is shared.  The circumstances don’t matter either.   Whether at a baptism, a wedding, the hospital bed or a funeral, people receive peace from Jesus.  In every stage of life, we need to be assured that God loves us and has forgiven us in Jesus.  It’s my job to point people to Him.  It is the best job in the world!”