North Mankato, Minnesota


At Jesus’s Lambs at Peace Preschool we strive to:

  • help your children to learn that Jesus is their Savior from sin and to open
    Teaching God’s Word is the highlight of our day!

    their eyes to God’s world through Bible stories, prayers, and songs.

  • provide age appropriate programs that match the developmental needs of young children.
  • include skills which promote future reading and mathematical achievement.
  •  provide first-hand experiences that enhance each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and creative development.

    Therapy dogs and their owners come to our preschool to teach our children about what services their dogs provide. They also teach the children how to approach an unfamiliar dog.
  • enable the child to experience the joy of playing, working, and learning with other children.
  • enable the child to develop self-confidence.
  • employ warm and supportive teachers who have education and experience working with young children.

We believe that parents and teachers are partners in children’s care and education.